Wordless Wednesdays

Now this is a very neat idea! It’s Wordless Wednesdays brought to you by 5 Minutes For Mom

You’re supposed to link up from your blog with just a post containing a picture, thus the term “wordless.” Being that I’m a very wordy person, though, you know it is hard to JUST post a picture without talking about it. Since this is the first time I’m linking up, I just HAD to explain. Wordless. That’s a joke for this girl, right? But, I like it and am glad to join in! Here’s mine:


Okay … Okay … I just could NOT post this without telling you about it.

This is my youngest daughter. She was so excited about her pink boots. Why? Because she is a little cowgirl and has been riding horses at a nearby ranch. This little girl prepares her horse, grooms her which includes brushing her down thoroughly, combing out the mane and tail, and picking/cleaning/painting each hoof carefully. Then she places all of the necessary riding gear on her horse and gets ready to ride all by herself (adults are always present, don’t worry, but she is learning to be responsible and do all of this herself since it is “her” horse). She LOVES each and every minute of it, yes, even the “dirty” work.

So much for my Wordless Wednesday. It ended up not being so wordless. hahahaha

Blessings to you and yours,
~Not so wordless Shirley
Light, Love, Hope

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