The Passion of The Christ

My husband and I watched The Passion of The Christ when it was first released back in 2004.  I will never forget the huge impact this movie had on us as it focused on the night prior to the crucifixion of Jesus right up until his death on the cross.  Growing up, we read the bible and knew of the great suffering Jesus endured for our sins, but it was almost unbearable to watch it depicted on the movie screen.  To think that God gave His only Son as a living sacrifice is something hard to wrap our brains around anyway.  Jesus willingly suffered for you and I, enduring the multiple beatings as His flesh was torn away.  He carried His cross, stumbling and falling under the great pressure of the heavy cross and the agonizing pain He was in.  As if that wasn’t enough, they nailed Jesus on the cross piercing His hands and feet.  They mocked Jesus, tormented Jesus, and Jesus died on that cross for our sins.

I remember vividly the tears streaming down my face as I watched.  How could anyone watch the great suffering Christ endured and NOT be moved to tears?   It baffles me to this day how human beings treat other human beings.  But Christ, our Lord?  He could have chosen not to go through all of that, but He knew it was His Father’s plan.  He did what was ultimately required so that you and I may be forgiven and have eternal life by accepting Him into our hearts.

We get comfortable in our daily lives, and we forget how truly unworthy we all are of this incredible gift Christ gave to us all.  Eternal life!  The greatest gift of all!  How could anyone choose not to accept it?

As we prepare our hearts and minds for Easter, my husband and I sat down to watch Pure Flix.  That seems to be the only movie channel we can confidently open for a family movie night without having to worry about the content or rating.  We noticed Pure Flix has several Easter movies to view, one of which is The Passion of The Christ, which is certainly worth watching again!   Surprisingly, my husband clicked on Risen and got into the movie right away.  He began pointing out different characters and their roles in the plot to disprove rumors of the risen Messiah to prevent an uproar in Jerusalem.

Have you given Pure Flix a try? If not, we encourage you to today. They are offering a free trial right now also, so be sure to sign up here.  For Easter season and all year long, sign up with Pure Flix so you can be guaranteed quality content and not worry about inappropriate content here!  It has been so refreshing for our family.

Disclosure:  Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.