Trucking & Trafficking

One may find it hard to believe that the trucking industry is oftentimes involved in human trafficking.  Sadly, it happens more than you know.

Jacob Bryant, PR with the Lanier Law Firm out of Texas, found our previous article on human trafficking and felt led to reach out to share literature they have put together on this subject.  Not only does it talk about the connection between the trucking industry and human trafficking, their guide includes information on why human trafficking is prevalent in trucking.  Their guide also talks about how people are victimized and the signs we all need to be looking for in this fight against human trafficking.  We encourage you to read the guide and share this information on your own platforms:  Trucking and Human Trafficking.  Thank you, Mr. Bryant, for reaching out to our team.

National Human Trafficking Hotline allows you to report a tip. Together we can bring awareness and help in this fight against human trafficking!  Please … there are people suffering as you’re reading this.  No one deserves to be sold into sex trafficking.  Please help shed light on a subject no one wants to talk about, yet everyone needs to fight against!

For those currently in the bonds of slavery or who have endured sex trafficking, we pray for you daily.