Sometimes it is just better to remain silent…

and smile. This came across my Facebook feed today and it truly hit home with the way I am feeling right now. I am torn between laying out my feelings and just keeping my mouth shut. If I open up and let it all out, I am sure it would cause hurt; maybe even more than what I am feeling now. So here I am writing about this to try to help calm myself so that I don’t say things I may regret later.

Here is he situation. It was my birthday this past Thursday; one of those that is considered a milestone birthday. I was forgotten about by those that I hold dear to my heart, my family. Not a word of out them. This is the second year that this has happened. I will be honest, it hurts, and it makes me feel that they don’t think much of me.

Normally, as I did last year, I would just distance myself from them for a while and I would somewhat get over it and go on with things. However, with everything that is going on with this virus pandemic I feel the need to check on them. I feel like I am being selfish for having these feelings with all that is going on. I have always been the kind of person that just takes any hurt that I am dealt and buries inside. And I will probably do that in this case.

I do know that I will never stoop to their level and act as they have to me. But it is really hard to keep this all bottled up at the moment; but it is probably the best thing to do.

Always try to think before you speak or act. Though it is not always easy doing that being the emotional beings that we are.

For anyone reading this, thanks for listening and letting me vent. It did help writing all this out.


Stay safe and healthy during all that is going on.