Our One Year Anniversary

Today is a very special day for Light Love Hope as we celebrate our one year anniversary.  We are so glad you are here with us to celebrate!  As part of our celebration, we have a giveaway going where you could have your very own Jim Brickman cd.  If you do not know who Jim Brickman is, allow me to enlighten you.  Jim Brickman plays beautiful music on his piano.  He travels with a few of his friends to cities to perform music that will soothe you and relax you.  His music is also perfect for a romantic night out with that special someone, or if you’re staying in, just put his cd in and turn the lights down low for a romantic candlelight dinner.  My personal favorite, though, is to turn on Jim Brickman’s cd and take a nice, long bubble bath.  There is just something about relaxing in the tub with the lights off and just the flickering of the candlelight as Jim’s music floats through the air surrounding and embracing you.

With that said, the entry form is at the end of this post so please enter our giveaway, if you haven’t already!   Five lucky winners will be selected!

What has this past year been like for us?  Well, it has been a wonderful release.  Writing is a form of therapy for me.  If I cannot find the words to speak, I can always seem to get them to flow right through my fingertips and onto the screen almost effortlessly.  Some of my thoughts may entertain, others may educate.  One thing that is for sure is that I will always be honest and open with my readers.  I share my story in an effort to help others so that they know they truly are NOT alone.  Nothing is worse than walking around in this world of seven billion people and feeling as if you’re alone without a single person that can relate to what you’re going through in life.  You are not alone any more, dear hearts.

We have tried to share inspirational stories and to offer encouragement to our readers.  We have shared about our families, and we have shared our struggles growing up.  Each of our writers have dug deep within their heart and soul and poured out the most beautiful pieces that I have been so proud to display on this website.  I applaud each and every one of our writers for pouring themselves out in their words; words that are straight from their heart and the core of their being.  I thank them for being transparent and vulnerable, yet caring enough to give of themselves in this way.  If our stories touch one person’s life, it will all be worth it.

If you are not familiar with all of our writers, please visit our page dedicated to the amazing Encouragement Team by clicking here.

With that said, thank you, again, from the very bottom of our hearts for sharing a year with us here at Light Love Hope!   Today as we celebrate our one year anniversary, we celebrate YOU, our readers!

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