Shirley believes that God makes all things new - including me and you! She has two beautiful daughters who are her heart and soul! She is passionate about her family, her horses, photography, and most importantly, God above! She writes to support, encourage, and uplift all those who may be struggling as she knows what it's like to struggle herself. Thank you for joining us. We're so glad you found Light Love Hope.

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  1. Barbara London
    January 30, 2017 @ 9:55 am

    WOW!! Shirley, this is a wonderful post! We so often want to “jump on the band wagon” before even considering the other person (or companies) views or even their reasons for why such things are even put into place!

    There is so much “public platforms” out there; so many people siding this way and that, and putting their opinions on social media, and other places. So much happening; and the thing is, while they express THEIR opinions, they don’t give that opportunity to others who want to express theirs…in other words, if another’s opinion is different, they are bashed; but praised if they agree…

    I don’t do very well in trying to share opinions, especially with politics or religion. I (somewhat) know how I feel; yet I have a hard time expressing it…and when I talk with others, I try to understand and feel their sides. Many times, I DO understand and can take on their ideas; many times I don’t.

    I applaud you for sharing this situation and your feelings – opinions – about what happened THEN and NOW…for many times, we don’t really know how the other person feels or felt…until we ourselves experience it.

    GOOD POST! Thanks for sharing!!


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