Live Laugh Love

Those three words – Live Laugh Love – have so much meaning behind them.

Live – each day to the fullest.  Be present with those that you love.  Savor every precious moment you get to have with them.  Every breath they take is a gift.  Every breath YOU take is a gift as well.  Thank God for life and for the life that you’re living!  Thank Him for your loved ones that surround you!

Laugh – at yourself, at silly jokes, at complete foolishness … just because it’s so much fun.  Enjoy the life you’ve been given.  Take every opportunity possible to laugh because life is just too serious at times.  There are troubles and heartaches all around at times, it seems.  So laugh.  Until your stomach hurts.  Laugh until you lose your breath.  Laughter is truly good for your soul.

Love – God, who gave you life.  Love your spouse who you get to share this wonderful life with walking hand in hand and heart to heart.  Love your children that God has richly blessed you with.  These little walking, talking angels are truly God’s gift to you.  He sent His darling angels and has allowed you to love and care for them as you raise them into the beautiful little men and women that He would have them to be.  Love thy neighbor – even those that curse you.  Is it always easy?  No way, but it is commanded from God above.  So try … a little harder each and every day if you must, but pray for those that may come up against you.  Show love.  It is always possible.

Yes, I still have this hand towel hanging up in my kitchen.  It has the little designs on them as if to say I haven’t yet put away all of the Christmas decor, but since I love what it says so much … they remain.  It’s not that I’m lazy and just didn’t put them away.  It is that I love the great reminder.  The daily reminders.  The every moment I’m in my kitchen reminders.

Ah yes …





Light Love Hope

Gratitude Journal

Do you remember how I mentioned my gratitude journal at the beginning of the new year? I wanted to try something new, something to capture the special moments that were happening as this year got underway. The initial idea was to take a slip of paper and write something positive, something you’d like to look back on later. Then, slip this piece of paper into a gratitude jar, and on New Year’s Eve, get that jar out and pull out all of these slips of paper to reminisce.

I soon realized that since I love to write, one slip of paper just wouldn’t do. So, I started a gratitude journal. Here, I can write and write and write some more until my little heart is content.

Well, I noticed that my husband was peeking into my gratitude journal. But, you know what? I didn’t mind. Why? Because I was writing about happy moments. Loved filled moments. Throw your head back laughing moments. With him … with my children … us, together as a family.

And you know what else?

He was inspired! Yes, you read that right. He was so inspired, in fact, that he has picked up that same gratitude journal and written words straight from his heart about the events of the day or the weekend!

Do you know how much this thrills my heart? To read HIS words? I was over the moon happy!

If you haven’t started a gratitude journal, now is the perfect time to consider doing so. It doesn’t have to be a fancy journal with lace or even one with flowers on the front. You can take an ordinary, everyday notebook and began savoring every single moment that you get to live again as you’re writing them down. And then, you get to live them once more when you and your loved ones read back over these memory making moments.

Ah, yes. Savor the moments. Be present when you’re living them with your loved ones, but write them down, too! To be shared. Remembered. Leave your legacy behind in words written straight from your heart and moments that your loved ones will think back on fondly and smile.

Light Love Hope1

Do Not Take Sides

Oh boy!  This is a hard one.

I work in a small office, and there are three of us ladies here.  I love love LOVE my job!  I truly do.  At times, though, the female personalities can go at it here.  This is not new as this has happened at every single job I have ever held since I was old enough to work.  It’s sad, really.  But for some reason, women just cannot work together in peace, love, and harmony.  I wish that wasn’t so, though.  Why this has to be part of the “norm” in any type of environment when you have women together is beyond me.

How do you handle something like this?  VERY CAREFULLY!

One lady told me about a situation that happened three weeks ago right when it was happening.  The other lady took it upon herself today to tell me “her side” of the story from the same incident that occurred three weeks prior.  What did I do throughout these entire three weeks when there was tension between them?  I stayed out of it!  I came into work, said a blanket “Good Morning” for whoever heard and wanted to acknowledge me … and I had tunnel vision all day as I sat at my desk working.  I would speak when spoken to or if it was work related, but other than that, I kept my nose out of it.  It did not concern me at all, so I lived the past three weeks in that mindset.  In my mind, I kept repeating this, “It does not concern you, stay out of it, do not take sides, and keep yourself in check so they won’t have anything to say about you!”

Is this easy?  No!  Especially when you know an injustice has been served.  Am I getting the entire truth from both parties, though?  Probably not.  I’m sure I’m hearing what both of them want me to hear and not the whole truth.  Certainly not the hand on the bible swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth like they do in a court session before a witness takes the stand.

So this post is to any one out there that is reading it today.  If you are a woman … please, I beg you, let’s work together to build each other up, not tear each other down!  Life is hard.  We all go through struggles.  We do not know and have no way of knowing what someone else is going through.  Be kinder than you normally would be because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.  Whether it is a physical ailment, something emotional where they are grieving over the loss of someone or just hurting deep within their being, or whether they are struggling with some type of mental illness, anxiety, or depression … be kind.  Extend grace.  Show compassion.  Give love.  Is that so hard?  No … it really and truly is not.

Please … let’s work together to build each other up.  In the workplace, in schools, in churches, in different situations no matter what building you are in … if there are other women, work together to build each other up!

Love thy neighbor as thy self.

Would you pick yourself apart like you’re picking apart this woman?

Would you say those things about yourself like you’re saying about this woman?

Would you roll your eyes in the mirror or laugh at yourself like you’re about to where this woman is concerned?

Would you set out to be vindictive and do something harmful to yourself?  Then why do it to other women around you?

Why complicate things with passive aggressive behavior or just out right aggression?  Why can’t we all just get along???  That is the question of a lifetime, isn’t it?

Love.  It covers all.  Even various situations where women work, play, and live closely together.

Love.  It conquers all the disputes in the world.




Accountability for Your Addictions

Today I would like to share some steps for an accountability partner to use to help someone in recovery for an addiction.

The first thing is to get professional help depending on the severity of their addition, especially if they can NOT stop on their own. That person may have to go to counseling, 12 step classes, or a full blown in-patient treatment center for those extreme cases.

Everyone recovering from any type of addiction needs an accountability partner!  For me, that partner is my lovely, God-given wife.   Originally, I first started out in individual counseling, then moved to a group setting, but it became evident that in order to restore trust, what better partner to have as an accountability partner than your wife?!

Realize that the willingness and openness of the person in recovery is extremely important! If they are not willing nor have a desire to stop and accept help, it will never work.

The following is a typical format an accountability partner can use:

Opening Prayer

Whether you are a believer in Jesus Christ or not, spiritual commitment is paramount.  You can NOT do this on your own through will power or what’s known as white knuckling.  Opening your session in prayer is kind of like inviting God’s blessings and helping you to soften your heart.


This is when you are to be open and honest about your struggles.  If you messed up, admit it!  Just don’t beat yourself up so much.  Pick yourself up and move on.


In the past you may have used your addictions to suppress your feelings (escapism) and were probably not even aware of it.  You need to try to talk about how you are feeling (good and bad):  Sad, angry, upset, frustrated, depressed, anxious, or feeling love, joy, peace, etc.  If you haven’t noticed, the negative feelings are from the enemy and not from God.

High of The Week

What positive event is the most memorable for you?

Spiritual Journey Update

What happened or how you may have changed in your walk with God?

Relational Restoration

In the past, your addiction may have negatively effected friends and family in your life.   What positive ways have you helped to restore, or make better than before, your marriage or relationships with family, friends, or yourself?  Then state one thing you’re committed to do this week to move forward in the restoration process.

Closing Prayer

Give thanks to God on any progress you may have made thus far.  Whether it’s very little or a long success you are proud of; try to thank God for what blessings you have.

This is what I have learned on my journey breaking the chains of addiction.  This information I’ve shared has come through literature I’ve read during counseling sessions, group sessions, as well as books on the subject of breaking the pornography addiction.  It can be applied to any addiction such as alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. I share in hopes to help others who may be going through something similar.  If you are struggling, you do need accountability for your addictions.


I know it has been asked before, but if you had just one wish … what would you wish for in life?

That is a tough one.  Just ONE wish?

Would you wish for riches in the form of money or material possessions?  I would hope not.  Instead, I would hope that you’d dig deeper into your soul for something that truly matters more.

What about the people that are suffering in this life?  The ones that hide their true feelings behind their plastered on or fake smile.  The ones that laugh the loudest although their hearts are broken completely.  Wouldn’t that one wish be better suited going for something like this to heal their hurting hearts?  I’m sure they struggle on a day to day basis.  They distance themselves, isolate themselves even, in an attempt to hide from this cruel world.  So much pain has been inflicted upon them, and they hurt deep to their very core.  The things that have happened to them make them question why they had to endure such abuse, heartache, and pain … why does bad things seem to always happen to good people and the bad ones get off free as they appear to skip merrily along in life?  It doesn’t make sense at all.  Yet, there are so many good people suffering in the world today at the hands of dark, evil people that have used and abused them.  Some have had the unspeakable done to them, and yet they force a smile and try to figure out how to heal and move forward.  Wouldn’t your wish be better spent on protection over the helpless, innocent little children that are mistreated, bullied, and abused that turn into shattered adults attempting to pick up the broken pieces of their hearts from their childhood days?

Would you wish for world peace so that there would never be any more wars taking place?  World peace.  That would certainly be refreshing.  No need for guns,  weapons of mass destruction, or the military to leave their families behind to go fight for our freedom any longer because the world would be living in peace and harmony.

While we cannot change this dark world all by ourselves, we can make a difference in the lives of the ones that we share our world with.  We can be the change that we want to see in the world.  It can start with us.  It has to!  We can take our wishes and apply them to our family and friends. We can extend this grace to our coworkers and any one else that we encounter during the day.  We can lend a helping hand or give a pat on the back so that the person that might think inside that they are worthless and that no one cares will truly know that this negative self talk just is not true. If someone is questioning their worth and value, one act of kindness can begin to turn things around for them.  You could be the person that makes this very real difference in their lives.

Let’s all re-evaluate our lives and actions to see what areas we can improve upon so that we can extend more grace, love, and compassion.  We can work together right where we live to make a difference.  What a wonderful world it would be if we all came together in one accord to share love – our love and God’s love!


Karen’s prompt word of “Wish” got me to thinking and resulted in the above post.

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In The Blink of An Eye

It is so nice when you’re strolling along in life with everything going your way, isn’t it?  Then, out of the blue, things can change in the blink of an eye. Your safety and security can be threatened by a decision made in one single moment that will change the rest of your life.

Or, due to no fault of your own, you could be thrust into a situation beyond your control where you run for your life to get away, and yet, you feel something kicking at the back of your heels and your legs to the point that it trips you up.  You fall to the ground and curl up into a ball using your arms as a shield from the beast that is trying to to maul you.  Within minutes, your family surrounds the beast; one hitting him to get him off of you, while one slams into his neck attempting to hold him back so he cannot trample you beneath him at the same time another is sliding their hands into the beast’s mouth in an effort to pry his jaws open to release your arm that he is holding tightly in his grip.

Yes, this just happened to our family.  Thursday night as a matter of fact.

In the blink of an eye, our entire world was turned upside down.

It was the most frightening thing to watch your child being chased by a mini donkey, one that your family made a decision together to bring home just two weeks prior to this devastating and traumatic event.

We were told that this mini donkey was “different” in that he was hand raised and bottle fed to the point that he did not know he was a donkey.  We thought he was so cute being that he was smaller than our Shetland Pony.  He made us laugh at first with how he would huff and puff until he got enough air in his lungs to “blow his horn” as he let out the loudest noise as he was braying.

This mini donkey was brought home for the sole purpose of protecting our herd of horses.  We were told that there are coyotes in our area that will sneak up on our horses to attack them at night.  Not wanting to lose any of our precious horses, we brought this mini donkey in to do the job of keeping predators away.  Little did we know that this mini donkey would turn on my ten year old daughter, as her dad stood just a few feet away, and chase her down like she was his prey.  Much to our horror, that is exactly what happened Thursday night.

My 18 year old daughter was the one that was beating this beast trying to get him to release her sister while my husband was holding him back around his neck with all of his might as my hands slipped into the donkey’s mouth in an attempt to pry open his jaws that were locked down tight on my daughter’s arm.  This donkey looked in my eyes and growled at me with the lowest, deepest, most haunting growl I have ever heard in my life while I screamed back at it, “YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER!  LET HER GO!”  

I felt his tooth piercing my flesh as my thumb was now under his lip and sliding along the gum as I pushed down with my left hand and pulled up with my right hand in an effort to free my daughter’s arm.  FINALLY, the beast let go, and I was able to snatch my hands out of his mouth about the time that her tiny body was about to hit the ground as she turned as white as a ghost.  I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and picked her up to carry her into the house.  I looked down at this beautiful baby of mine as I begged her not to leave me … “Don’t do this to me … don’t leave me … stay with me!”   She was fading fast as she was about to pass out.

She looked up with those beautiful sea blue eyes of hers as she struggled to ask, “Mama, am I going to die?”  

This shook me to my core, and I was pleading with God internally at that moment.

I looked at this innocent little angel laying in my arms and fought back the tears as I said, “No honey, you are NOT going to die.  You are going to be okay.  We just have to take you to the hospital.”

When  we reached the house, I placed her on the couch and took off her sweatshirt to see the damage this beast had done to my precious angel.  You could see the outline of all of his teeth and exactly where he clamped down on her little arm.    Fear set in, but I knew I had to get her to the hospital to make sure nothing was broken.  I quickly went to the freezer for ice to put on her little arm until we reached the hospital where the staff could take over.  As I draped towels across the ice packs and placed them on both sides of her arm, I saw the gaping hole in the side of her left arm.  I made a panicked call to my dad to tell him what took place and to ask him to meet us at the hospital.  My dad has always been my rock.  This time would be no different.

Picking her up and placing her in the car, we rushed my daughter to the emergency room where my dad arrived shortly after we did.

The medical staff took her back right away to assess the situation.  After x-rays, it was determined that she did not have any broken bones.  PRAISE GOD!  To have seen that beast going after my daughter, I know without a shadow of a doubt that my God protected her so that she escaped without any life threatening injuries and no broken bones!  She did have a very deep puncture wound from the beast’s teeth, which was cleaned out thoroughly by the nurse before the doctor came in to stitch up my daughter’s arm.

In the blink of an eye, my daughter could have been taken from us.

I still have post traumatic stress as I sit here on this Sunday night and write about the events that took place Thursday evening.  I cannot get this out of my head.  I can still hear her screams from inside the house as I scramble to get the front door open only to see my darling daughter running across the front yard with the donkey chasing her.  I can still remember leaping off of the porch, clearing three steps, as I ran as fast as my feet would carry me to battle this beast yelling the entire time, “NO! NO!!!  LET HER GO!  YOU CANNOT HAVE HER!”

I remember saying that the devil was after our family but he can NOT have us … he can NOT have my daughter!  I also remember saying that our God is BIGGER than any attack and that God is going to take care of us.  AND HE DID!  I just thank God for His hand of protection on my daughter.

Yes, in the blink of an eye our lives were turned upside down.

Tonight I sit here thanking God that my darling daughter is singing in the bath tub, and I have the privilege of washing and drying her hair.

Hold your loved ones close to you and tell them every single chance that you get how very much they mean to you.  You never know what the next minute will hold.  Let them know how much you love them.


Grace of God

We love family movie night in our home.  My children are anxious to gather around in the living room with popcorn in hand or, like last night, tie dye cake that my oldest daughter made.  Yummy!

Within moments, Grace of God was on the screen offering suspense into who stole funds from the church!  Who could possibly steal from the church?  That is, indeed, the question.

Assigned to the case is an investigator that seems to be so against the church and the people of the church.  He starts off talking negatively of both as he begins his investigation.

Throughout the movie, the secretary’s family is shown going through struggles.  One of her daughters is going through a very difficult time with her abusive husband and takes refuge with the children at her mother’s house.  The daughter knows it is an unhealthy situation, but she is greatly troubled about finances and the expense of obtaining an attorney to help with the legal matters.

As the movie progresses, the truth comes out, and it isn’t at all who you would have thought that had their hands in the church’s “cookie jar.”

This movie will have you thinking because, just like a character in the movie says, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!”  This is oh so true!  But, the pastor did not want the investigator to ruffle any feathers with the church staff, congregation, etc.  The investigator takes a strong stance, though, in an effort to uncover the thief among them.

This movie incorporates the Ten Commandments, and if you can believe it, develops into somewhat of a love story, too.

All in all, it was a great movie with a powerful message.  This is one movie you will not want to miss.

Grace of God




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Then Jesus said,

“Come to me, .
all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens,
and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28 NLT

Just reading those words brought me great comfort today.

How many are troubled and feel as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders?

How many feel so beat down and as if they just cannot win this battle?

If you are weary, take heart! Jesus is simply asking you to come unto Him.

Come … just as you are … each and every one that is struggling right this minute.

Whatever it is that you are facing, Jesus knows, and He wants you to cast all of your cares on Him.

He cares for you, He loves you with an unconditional love!

He knows you’re having a difficult time right now. Come rest in the arms of Jesus.

Rest, child … rest.

Feel Jesus wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you as only He can.

Yes, rest in the arms of Jesus!


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When you are with someone, are you truly WITH them?  What I mean is, are you physically present but distracted by your buzzing phone?  Does your attention often drift away from the person you are sitting face to face with to go to someone that is on the other end of the text message or Facebook message?

You know where I’m going with this!

If this is you … don’t you think it’s time to unplug?  It is different if you are by yourself and feel like checking every single message that comes across your phone.  It is another thing entirely when you are in the presence of people and yet have your head stuck in your phone.

There have been times in the past where I have checked messages while in the presence of others if something was going on, such as a parade that we were attending with our horses in December.  Although my family and I were out with a friend, I received an invitation for us to participate in the parade and needed to respond so they would know who all was interested.  If we weren’t, they would need to ask others to participate instead.  They were working on a time crunch and so I felt compelled to read and respond to the messages.  Ordinarily, though, I try very hard not to get caught up in the technology trap when I’m in the presence of other people.

This past weekend we had a situation where the person was clearly addicted to their online activities and their phone.  My daughter went to pick up a friend that was online playing games, and they asked her to wait while they finished their game.


She told me about this later, and I definitely had a problem with this.  He made her wait … until he finished his online game.

But … that’s not all.

He did have the decency to put his phone away while we were at the table eating supper, but as soon as he finished eating, he whipped his phone out once more.

When we arrived at the house to put in a movie that HE mentioned that HE wanted to see, he sprawled out on my couch as comfy as he could be … with his phone in hand texting the ENTIRE TIME!

My daughter sat in the chair looking at him on his phone completely ignoring the movie she had playing FOR HIM.  She even said she’d turn it off since he wasn’t interested in it, but he protested saying not to and to leave it on because it was really a good movie.

Again … WHAT?!

She felt completely ignored that night and as if the other person or people on the other end of the messages were more important than her.  That just is not right!

Needless to say, at the end of the night when she took him home, she was very disappointed in how rude he was the ENTIRE TIME they were together.

No, they aren’t dating.  They were just hanging out as friends, BUT STILL … he should have unplugged long enough to talk with her or watch the movie since he mentioned he’d like to see it.

Needless to say, my daughter will not be hanging out with this friend any time soon.

If you have found yourself caught up in online activities, check yourself and see if you need to just unplug for a little while.  Those around you will greatly appreciate if you are fully present … body, mind, and spirit … and not just a lump sitting in a chair or sprawled out on the couch while we watch you give your thumbs a work out!

It’s something to think about the next time you reach for your phone in the presence of others.  Is that text message, Facebook message, or ANY message really THAT important to take away from the person that you’re with at that moment in time?


Modesty Is Needed

In the world that we are living in today, there are women walking around with clothes that are barely covering their body parts.  What happened to the days gone by where women dressed conservatively?  I’m not suggesting that women wear turtlenecks all the time or dresses that sweep the floor.  What I am suggesting is that women cover their body parts!

In this day and age more and more people are getting plastic surgery.  From breast implants to even butt enhancers, the world has gone crazy for plastic surgery.  If that is what you wish to do, more power to you.  But, at least have the decency to cover your “private” parts.

Recently I went into my husband’s place of employment.  He has only been at this place for two months, so my children and I were excited to see Daddy’s new office.  He was excited for us to visit as well, and we soon began taking a tour around the two story office building.   There is a separate business within the same building that handles residential type calls for heating and air, while my husband works on the commercial side.  He still took us down there to introduce us to the staff.  It didn’t take but a minute for my daughters to whip their heads as discretely as they could around to look at me.  I knew immediately why they had this reaction.  One of the “ladies” in the office was dressed in knee high boots, jeans, and a big sweater.  The only thing was that this sweater had the biggest neck we’ve ever seen.  It was big enough that four people could have fit through it.  And can you guess WHY she was wearing such a big necked sweater?  Of course … she had fake boobs that she wanted to flaunt … and when I say that this big necked sweater barely covered … I am NOT exaggerating!  She left very little to the imagination!  As if it wasn’t enough that she was barely covered, she’d laugh and slap her knee so her boobs were even more in our face and falling out of her big necked sweater.

We exchanged pleasantries with this “lady,” and then made our way down the hall to go into meet my husband’s co-workers.  Before we did, though, my 18 year old daughter asked, “MAMA!  WHY was she dressed like that?!” 

Why, indeed!

There is NO sense in this whatsoever!  Yes, I realize she paid for the fake boobs.  Yes, I do realize that the majority of the men in the service department where she worked gathered around for the free show she was offering.  THANK GOD my husband does not work in that department and is NOT one that is gathered around with his mouth gaped open while staring at what you just can’t help but see because they are right there in your face. (At least he’d better NOT be one of them!)

Imagine giant grapefruits on your chest pushed so high up in that sweater that it’s spilling out the top of it.  Yes, that is what it looked like.  Even my 10 year old daughter commented as such.  They do not look real AT ALL … yet so many women walk around flaunting their fake boobs in their barely there tops.  Men flock to them because they are visual creatures that just cannot control themselves (~notice the sarcasm~)!  Men CAN if they only choose to do so!

This bothered me a great deal, especially with what came out last year in our family.  The struggles men face … why?  Because “sex sells.”  We are told that, and the porn industry just keeps putting it out there as well as magazines with images of women with fake boobs that eagerly pose nude.  We would have expected this had we walked into a strip joint or a restaurant that, unfortunately, we have in town where women walk around in tight, low cut shirts with their stomachs showing wearing tight shorts to match.  It’s such a shame that there are even places like this around.  Yet we did not go into an establishment such as that.  We merely went into a HVAC contractor’s office … and this is what we see?

I thought about this for a few days, reviewed the employee handbook that my husband brought home a few months ago, and then I decided after reviewing their sexual harassment policy that something HAD to be said about this.

After speaking to my husband, he agreed that it needed to be addressed with the owner of the business.  I said either you address it, OR I WILL, but I am not sitting back quietly while this goes on at your work place … ESPECIALLY with the struggles he has had in the past.  NO WAY!  We have come too far in our recovery with our marriage for THIS to happen.  I won’t accept it.  NOPE, NOT HAPPENING!!!!

My husband said the owner comes in early before the office staff, and he leaves to go to other jobs before the staff comes in so chances are that he didn’t know that she was dressing like this.  OR, if he did, he did not realize it was this bad.  I know that the other coworkers noticed, though, and it has to make them feel uncomfortable.  Besides that, it just is NOT professional attire!  This person works with the public and is projecting an image for the company.  This is most certainly NOT the kind of image I would want any one to portray for MY company, that’s for sure!

My husband requested to speak to his boss early Monday morning.  His boss was very interested to see what was troubling my husband, and so he began to tell him some of the above that I mentioned in this post.  The owner seemed unaware of the situation but said he would address it immediately.  He took it very seriously when my husband brought up the topic by saying that modesty is needed in the residential side!  Yea, no kidding!  He went on to talk about the strict sexual harassment policy that is in place there and that this is just asking for trouble, not to mention the lost production time for the service guys who are in that office getting their eyes full instead of doing their work!  The owner picked up immediately where my husband left off on the legal aspect of it as well, and he assured my husband once again that it would be addressed.

Much to our surprise, when the human resource lady got to work, the owner called her in to have a discussion.  Then, she went around to every department to speak with them individually about the dress code.  Of course, she could not single anyone out, that is why she had to speak to the individual departments together, but the “lady” would have to be brain dead not to know that this was directed at her!

The human resource lady spent a great deal of time reviewing the dress code and making sure that everyone understood.  Upon arriving to work on Tuesday, everyone had a revised dress code policy in their inboxes prohibiting low cut tops, see through tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps (unless covered by a jacket or sweater), leggings, spandex, heels 4″ or taller, etc.

BRAVO!!!!  BRAVO!!!!!

Well handled, indeed.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the way this company addressed the issue and the manner in which they did so.  I feel stronger than ever about the owner’s position that he has taken with his staff and how he has zero tolerance for this type of improper dress attire and conduct at work.  He has earned more respect from me and my family by the way in which this was handled.  Sadly, at a place I worked for ten years, they allowed a lady with fake boobs to continue to dress inappropriately with barely-there-tops when she had to interact with the public as well.  I am not sure why she was allowed to dress in this manner, and I am happy to not be working there in that type of an environment any longer.

Modesty is needed.

I am very proud of my daughters in realizing the inappropriateness in the way that this “lady” was dressed at work.  If she was going to a party, maybe … although I still think she was showing a little too much skin.  But this certainly was not appropriate for work, and I am glad it was addressed.   I’m sure she is very proud of her fake boobs.  She can admire herself in the mirror at home or dress to impress at a party … but she needs to cover herself when at work!  Plain and simple.

Have you talked to your children about modesty?