Snow Days In The South!

What a truly exciting time when it SNOWS in the South!!! It is a very rare occasion when we see white snowflakes falling from the sky! When it “sticks” and starts to form a beautiful white blanket before us, covering everything in it’s path, we put on our heavy coats, scarves, hats, and mittens and rush outside to play!! All you can see are smiles … big ear to ear grins, nothing but white, sparkling teeth as the children are playing in the fluffy white stuff that is almost completely foreign to them. Oh yes, they’ve “heard” about it, but they do not get the opportunity to see it with their own two eyes unless they shake a snow globe on a shelf in their bedrooms.

For all of you that live in areas where you’re pounded with heavy snow in Winter, you’re probably groaning and throwing stuff at the computer screen right now. Am I right? What’s there to possibly get excited about with this thing called snow? The stuff you have to shovel until you feel like your back will surely break. The stuff you have to walk through until you’re chilled to the bone. And here we are anxiously awaiting the teeny tiniest bit of snow so we can make snow angels or roll up a spoonful of snow in an effort to make an itsy bitsy snowman! Don’t laugh at us Southerners! This is pure joy for us!!

Ah, but … we wait. So far, there’s no snow on the ground. So far we’ve only “heard” about those getting a light dusting. My children and I peer out of the windows willing it to snow. All we have seen thus far is light rain. Please, oh please let us see the skies open up and pour white magic all around us.

We wait in anticipation with thoughts of dancing around outside with our heads tilted up to Heaven with our tongues extended to try to catch a falling snowflake.

We want snow! We want snow!

And … with the mention of snow the day before, schools and businesses completely shut down. Yes, that’s right. Again, don’t laugh at us. We simply are not equipped for this kind of weather here. The South … where it’s 70 degrees and you risk a sunburn one day and snowing the next with a chance for frostbite if you’re out there too long. You just have to love the South!! I know I do!!

I often joke about how with the mere mention of the word “snow” people immediately rush to the stores and clear the shelves of all bread … and milk is scarce as well. Then on the way there and back, people forget how to drive! ~giggle~

Ah, snow!

On our snow day from school, we are as snug as a bug in a rug watching movies and enjoying being together! My youngest daughter is stretched out in the recliner, while my oldest daughter sits at the table painting a masterpiece. I’m in my recliner tapping away on the laptop with my little teacup Yorkie in my lap. Life is GOOD!!!

Walking In A Winter Wonder Land …

Snow Feet

Snow In The South